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Browser Proxy Configuration

Switch on the proxy of your browser and enter the protocol types HTTP and FTP the IP address and port 8080.

Settings for the browser


Please open a second window (File/New Window) at first. So you can do the settings and read this documentation simultaneously. Alternatively print this page, please.

Menu bar

  • (1) Select Tools
  • (2) Select Options...

Note for user of Mac OS X

  • (2) Preferences... are in menu Firefox

Note for user of Linux

  • (2) Preferences... are in menu Edit
Firefox: Tools / Options...

Dialog Options

  • (3) Select the category Advanced
  • (4) Select the the tab Network

    You must select only the category General into older versions (before 2.0).

Category Connection

  • (5) Click on Settings... or Connection Settings
Firefox: Options / Advanced / Network

Dialog Connection Settings

In the category Configure Proxies to Access the Internet

  • (6) Select Manual proxy configuration
  • (7) For the protocols HTTP and FTP enter the IP address and port 8080.

    If entries are already available here then you transfer these in the MM3-WebAssistant - Proxy Offline BrowserMM3-WebAssistant from Surf Set/Protocol/Proxy.
  • (8) Please, enter: No Proxy for:
  • (9) Exit dialog Connection Settings with OK
  • (10) Exit previous dialog Options with OK
Firefox: Connection Settings


Please, check this settings now:
You need the MM3-WebAssistant - Proxy Offline BrowserMM3-WebAssistant for this check.

Firefox Extension

We offer you an Firefox extension in addition free of charge. With this you can manage different proxy-configurations. You very simply can change between the direct connection to the Internet and the proxy configurations with that.

Goto Download MM3-ProxySwitchMM3-ProxySwitch

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