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Test with a new Archive

In the above test the program folder was used for the cache archive. You reach a higher flexibility by the separation from program folder and cache archive as well as use of several archives. The correct processing of very long URLs in addition requires, that at least 230 characters can be used for the path and the file name with the MM3-WebAssistant - Proxy Offline BrowserMM3-WebAssistant. Therefore use only folders for the cache archives which are located on partition level (Root), please. The maximum path name for this shouldn't be greater than 20 characters. Please see into Main Menu / Dialog Surf Set Surf Set/Cache Archive how a new cache archive is created.


Add a new cache archive with write access now, for example myCache.
Repeat the test of archiving and use the URL to the distinction at this.


The requested web page is shown and saved in the cache archive myCache.

Check this and enter in the browser the URL http://l.s. If the page of the previous test is listed , please load the page with the reload button of the browser, fresh.

The domain in your cache archive myCache should be listed in the browser now. You can in addition check that the domain mm3tools and the web page is stored in the cache archive myCache folder of the file system.


We are glad to help you with your installation.
Please, try first our offline and online test. Describe the appeared problem and inform us about your operating system and browser.

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